Our Surrogacy Story

We are very lucky to have such caring friends and family. Many of you have invested time and energy into our journey of trying to build our family through surrogacy.

We’ve appreciated all of the calls, texts and kind words of support over the past few years. Throughout this process, we’ve been asked a lot of questions about surrogacy and, in all honesty, we often weren’t at the point where we had any answers. But, after nearly three years, we have found ourselves to be experts in our own journey.

We wanted to set up this website as a way to share some answers to a few of the burning questions we’ve been asked.

Surrogacy is new to most people and we are excited to share the many things that we’ve learned. And, to be clear, we are still learning. We will do our best to share updates on this page as we continue on this incredible journey.

It takes a village to make this happen. Thank you for being the best village a couple of gays could ever ask for.


Grant & Miquel