This is not an exhaustive list, nor are we in partnership with any of these brands/companies. This is simply a compilation of items that we, as gay dads, found particularly helpful.

This automatic formula maker was a godsend for us. Even though we were feeding using some breast milk, when it came to making formula this invention gets a 12/10. Many will say it’s not necessary, but we beg to differ. This has saved us many hours and, with a newborn, you will take any time you can get.

This carrier is, in our opinion, dad-friendly. It has great support for your back and shoulders and is quite comfortable. It is also back and front-facing which leads to a longer period of use. It’s also idiot-proof which was key for me.


Again, these are idiot-proof and much easier to use than swaddling blankets. Save yourself a lot of frustration and pick up 5-6 of these babies if you want your newborn to sleep. I (heart) velcro.

We borrowed this bouncer from a relative, but we would buy this thing 10 times over, in every colour. While it’s a manual contraption, it is the one thing that our baby will routinely lay in without crying. You can also start using it fairly early (~4-5 weeks old) due to its different settings. AND the cover is machine washable!


We tried a lot of different pacifiers, but the Avent one was the winner. So, naturally, we bought 25 and have scattered them all over the place (car, all rooms, cottage, Mallorca, etc.). 

Any sleepers with a zipper. Trust us. It will save you many hours of doing up buttons. All sleepers should be constructed with zippers. Period. Our personal favourite sleepers are Burt’s Bees, Juddlies and ZippyJamz.