LGBTQ+ Adoption and Fostering


Prospective LGBTQ+ parents have the same legal rights to adopt as heterosexual parents in Canada. However, each province and territory has slightly different processes for adoption. For more information, visit CanadaAdopts

There are four available channels for LGBTQ+ persons to adopt in Canada:

  • Public Adoption – The Children’s Aid Society connects children living in foster care with adoptive families.
  • Private Adoption – Adoption professionals connect parents or expectant parents with adoptive families directly.
  • International Adoption – A process whereby children from overseas are adopted by families in Canada.
  • Relative Adoption – The adoption of a child by a close relative or step-parent.

If you choose to adopt, many provinces require adoption practitioners to be certified and registered with the province. Be sure to request accreditation from your preferred agency if pursuing a private adoption. 

If you are pursuing a public adoption, you will need to contact your local Children’s Aid Society and set up a meeting with their intake worker who will review the process with prospective parents. A link to Toronto’s Children’s Aid Society can be found here

Follow the link to read more about why this gay couple decided to pursue adoption to build their family.


Rules governing fostering in Canada varies from province-to-province and territory-to-territory. 

Below are links to each respective province’s rules regarding fostering. 



British Columbia




Nova Scotia 

Prince Edward Island 

New Brunswick

Newfoundland and Labrador 

Northwest Territories



Toronto Children’s Aid Society provides an FAQ for prospective foster parents.

Foster care placements can last a few weeks or a few years, depending on the circumstance. You will work alongside a local social worker to determine the best match for you and your family.