Surrogacy Cost Breakdown for Gay Dads (Canada)

Cost descriptionEstimated Cost (in CAD) 
Donor feesNotes
Agency fee (donor only)$2000-3000If a Canadian agency is charging a fee over $3000, keep looking. 
Donor reimbursements$5000-7000Donor reimbursements are done through the agency and may vary depending on the preferred donor.
Medications for donor$3000-4500Each clinic has a different protocol which will affect the total costs.
Donor screening$2500-3500Clinics will determine if your preferred donor meets their criteria (age, health history, etc.)
Egg retrieval $6000This will be the cost per retrieval. If the first retrieval does not result in enough good quality eggs, the clinic may suggest another one (or changing to a different donor). 
Embryo creation (ICI)$2000
PGS testing (8 embryos)$3000-5000This is optional. Some clinics can conduct PGS testing on site while others send embryos to the U.S.
Legal fees for donor (IPs)$1500
Legal fees for donor$500-1000IPs must hire a separate lawyer for their donor. This is coordinated through the agency.
Embryo/sperm freezing and storage$2000Most clinic charge annually
Surrogacy feesNotes
Agency fees $7500-13 000
Surrogate screening$2750
Legal contract – IP lawyer$3350
Legal contract review (surrogate)$1700
Embryo transfer$3000 This is the cost per single embryo transfer.
Assisted hatching$500
Medications for surrogate$5000 This cost will increase depending on the number of transfers it takes to achieve a positive pregnancy.
Surrogate reimbursements (see below)$23 000-40 000


Surrogacy Reimbursements
DescriptionEstimated ReimbursementNotes
Monthly Reimbursement$2300-3000 
Life insurance policy$500-1000
Maternity clothing$500
Caesarean delivery (if applicable)$3000
Multiple Births (if applicable)$2000
Hysterectomy (if applicable)$2000
Bed rest (EI top up)$5000-15 000This will vary significantly depending on a surrogate’s monthly income