About Us

A little something about us…

Welcome! We are Miguel and Grant, a couple of gays living in Toronto, Canada. We’ve been together since 2013 and married since 2017. Grant is from a small town an hour outside of Toronto, but has lived in the city since 2008. Miguel hails from Mallorca, Spain. After living in London, England for five years, he picked up and moved to Toronto (mostly on a whim) and met Grant a few months later.

By our third date, the conversation headed in the direction of starting a family. We were on the same page; having children was something we both wanted. 


Fast-forward a few years and we got a dog (Sammy!), bought a house and embarked on our own surrogacy journey. After three years of patience and perseverance (and a lot of $$$), we welcomed our first child, Jasper.

We are excited to use this space to share aspects of both our surrogacy and parenting journeys, respectively. Thanks for visiting our digital home and we hope you find it entertaining and helpful or, at the very least, COLOURFUL!

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