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When we started our journey we relied on a few close friends, an experienced surrogacy lawyer and the internet to navigate the very complex world of surrogacy.

After three years of research, patience, money and emotional ping-pong, we welcomed our first child into the world in February 2019. The birth of our baby was the result of an enormous amount of effort (and perseverance) which included sifting and sorting through an insane amount of information. This information was usually unclear and changing all of the time. We had to contend with governments that didn’t understand their own laws and policies, doctors who had never had “surrogacy patients” and lots of garden variety ignorance. 

Which leads us to the creation of DaddyandPapa.ca. We had lots of help along this crazy road and we learned a lot. We wanted to pay-it-forward and help other Future Gay Dads navigate the process without some of the headaches (and heartache) we experienced. We are now sharing it with you: our LGBTQ+ Intended Parent Community.

We hope you find this resource helpful and are open to your feedback. We will continue to update the content as laws/policies evolve and the world continues to change (for the better, we hope!). 

Thanks for visiting,

Grant, Miguel & Jasper 

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